Great work done by Martin and son on the RS 2000, total transformed the car from when it arrived looking a wreck to a car that will be admired at the shows. Can't thank you enough on the time and quality that was spent to get it to look like it does! - Phil Coxon

AC Cobra Full Body Spray

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Our Restorations

Ford RS2000

Full body restoration and respray on the iconic Ford RS 2000!


We paint Jensen's for  Richard Appleyards of Ilkeston and private customers


The beautiful E Type gets a complete body overhaul and glass finish red paint


This MG received a full body restoration

AC Cobra

AC Corba full body spray!

VW Camper

VW Camper full body restoration and respray!

Martin did a repair on our show car Mg ZT after a mate hit the side with a pick up truck. Martin did a superb job and will be using him for other work on our mg fleet.

The work carried out by Reem Machine is unchallenged by the big conventional workshops and we promise to provide only the highest quality!